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North Wales

North Wales fairly bristles with castles. In the 13th century, Edward I of England built an "iron ring of castles" in northern Wales, to keep those rebellious Welsh princes in line. These stone castles, built to withstand seiges, still stand today, and kids can feel the adventures seeping through the crumbling walls.
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Castle David Macaulay  
David Macaulay

How Welsh castles were built – choosing the site, stone work, fortifications, and where to put all the bathrooms (garderobes). A great read before you explore the castles of North Wales. (Picture book)


Castle Diary
Richard Platt, Chris Riddell

1285. Fictional diary of eleven-year old Tobias Burgess, sent to live as a page in his uncle's castle. A lively look at castle life from a kid's perspective – staying warm in the kitchen, eating too much rich food at a feast, sneaking out to the fields instead of doing lessons. Wonderful illustrations. (Chapter book, illustrations)


Castle Diary
A Knight's City  
A Knight's City
Philip Steele

Step into the walls of a medieval city in this super pop-up book – a 3-D crenelated castle that you can see inside, the cathedral with stained glass windows, life in the city, knight's tournaments, war and seiges, arts and entertainment. (Pop-up book)


Knights and Castles
(Magic Tree House Research Guide)
Will Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne

A nonfiction companion book to The Knight at Dawn, find out how castles were built, fairs and feasts, tournaments, battles and seiges, arms and armor. Packed with historical details and drawings, perfect to bring on your trip. (Easy reader)


Knights and Castles
Storming a Castle  
Storming a Castle
Graham White

Break through castle defenses in 3-D mazes. Each page has facts about a castle siege – the plan, approaching the castle, breaching the gatehouse, seizing the battlements, into the castle keep. At the end, crack the heraldic code. (Picture book)


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