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Conwy Castle
  Conwy Castle (Conwy) – Conwy Castle (a World Heritage Site) was the home of Edward I rather than just a fortress. Befitting the English king, it was pretty grand and today is one of the great castles of medieval Europe. Completed in 1287, it was one of his "iron ring of castles," intended to keep the rebellious Welsh under his thumb. Classic castle architecture – eight towers, crenelated walls, a Great Hall, views from the ramparts. Kids will enjoy wandering through the town of Conwy which retains a medieval flavor and most of the original town walls.
    Welsh Mountain Zoo (Colwyn Bay) – Wales was once the home of golden eagles, and today you can see collections of eagles in the Welsh Mountain Zoo. Situated on the cliffs above Colwyn Bay, don't miss the sea lion feedings daily.
    Greenfield Valley Heritage Park (near Holywell) – Holywell takes it name from St. Winefride's Well, a medieval pilgrimage site. In the 18th century, Holywell was a busy industrial town with copper and spinning factories. Today, the 70 acre park has a variety of things to do.
      The Abbey Farm Museum has old farm buildings where you can catch a glimpse of agricultural life in times past and kids can feed the farm animals.
      Ramble around Basingwerk Abbey, a very crumbly 12th century Cistercian Abbey, but you can still see bits of it.
      The Woodland Trail is a nature walk around the reservoirs, streams and woodlands.
      The miracle of St. Winefride's Well began in 660 AD, when a young girl, Winefride, was beheaded by a local chieftain. At the spot where her head fell, a spring gushed forth. Her uncle, St. Beuno, put her head back on and she came back to life. The well became a pilgrimage site for those seeking the healing powers of the water from the spring.

Ewloe Castle (Buckley, near Flint) – The charm of this 13th century castle is that it is a Welsh castle, not one in the English mold. Unlike the big fancy fortresses, this is a small size castle, nestled in the woods, peaceful and undisturbed. The tower is in great shape, although the walls are crumbled a lot.

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