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Guatemala is famous for the ruins of Tikal and other ancient Maya cities, but it also has a lively indigena culture, charming Spanish colonial cities, volcanoes and lakes, cloud forests and mangrove swamps, filled with fascinating wildlife. Traveling in Guatemala is a new and exciting experience for kids and adults alike.
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Guatemala is a fascinating country and watching the sun rise at Tikal, visiting a Maya village, hiking a volcano or canoeing in caves is something kids will never forget. Explore Guatemala and Belize with an experienced guide, this tour company will arrange your family vacation:

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Tikal ancient maya guatemala kids books  
Elizabeth Mann

Story of the kings of Tikal, including Hasaw Chan K'awil, who constructed the pyramids in the Great Plaza. A stunning two page foldout and wonderful illustrations bring Tikal to life – you feel as if you're there, 1300 years ago. (Picture book)


The Ancient Maya
Jackie Maloy

Get to know the ancient Maya, their cities, temples and palaces in the rainforest, society, arts and religion, plus fun facts about the ancient Maya – flat foreheads and large noses were considered beautiful, wealthy Maya wore jaguar skins, jade was highly prized. (Picture book)


guatemala childrens books The Ancient Maya
the chocolate tree  
The Chocolate Tree
Linda Lowery, Richard Keep, Janice Lee Porter

In this Maya folktale, chocolate was the favorite food of the gods in paradise. Kukulkan helped the people of earth bringing corn, music, the Maya calendar, and then he gave them seeds from cacao tree, so they too could eat chocolate. (Easy reader)



Action-packed retelling of a Mayan myth, in graphic novel format. Twin brothers "Hunter" and "Jaguar Deer" challenge the Lords of Death, outsmarting and beating them at their own game. (Graphic novel)


The Hero Twins myth ancient maya guatemala kids
guatemala childrens books maya The Secret Legacy  
The Secret Legacy
Rigoberta Menchu

A Maya girl tells lyrical, magical stories to the tiny spirits below the earth – the lion finds humans are the most powerful, secrets of the animal spirits, marriage traditions, how magic brought happiness into the world, by Rigoberta Menchu, a Nobel Peace Prize winner from Guatemala. (Chapter book)


Abuela's Weave
Omar S. Castaneda, Enrique O. Sanchez

Esperanza and her grandmother weave something special with their backstrap looms, and Esperanza goes alone to sell their weavings in the market in the big city. Homey settings in the highlands towns. (Picture book)


Abuela's Weave kids guatemala
The Jungle
Helen Borten

A piece of bark falls ... and becomes a lizard.

A vine uncoils ...and becomes a snake.

A spot of sunlight blinks ...and becomes a jaguar's eye.

Gorgeous woodcut illustrations capture the wonder of plants and animals in the Guatemala rain forest. (Picture book)


Charles J. Shields

Discover Guatemala today, its long history (the Maya, Spanish colony, civil war, and independent country), geography, economy, natural resources, traditional culture and religion, festivals and holidays, plus recipes. Good for older kids. (Illustrated chapter book)


Guatemala childrens books
kids books Guatemala ABCs  
Guatemala ABCs
Marcie Aboff, Zachary Trover

Fun facts about the people and places of Guatemala today – from art, cities, food, holidays, Maya, national bird (quetzal), rain forests, volcanoes to Zacapa (region of eastern Guatemala).
(Picture book)


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