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    Family travel Summer 2022.
      Travel has opened up!
      Many countries have dropped quarantine restrictions and Covid-test requirements, masks only required in specific indoor settings, such as public transportation.
      Make a travel itinerary and book reservations as soon as possible, summer travel is likely to be very popular.

Read CDC requirements and recommendations for international travel.

      According to the CDC, do not travel internationally until you are fully vaccinated.
      Even when fully vaccinated, you can get Covid. Traveling abroad, take along rapid Covid tests to quickly determine if you are positive. If so, you will want to quarantine in that country, to limit infection to others, before returning home.
      Tip: As of June 12, air travelers are no longer required to provide negative Covid test result before entering the United States. However, negative Covid test is still recommended.
      Renting a house and getting the extended family together is wonderful for families - finally this summer it looks possible again. Vacation rentals are very popular, now is the time to make reservations in popular destinations such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, California beach towns etc.
      Before visiting any theme park, museum, aquarium, national park, read guidelines on attraction website or app, to plan your visit.

For example, this summer Yosemite, Glacier, Arches, Zion national parks all require day reservations for entrance to the parks.


Before and during your trip, check the weather conditions for your destination. In past year, there have been extreme weather events, such as life-threatening heat, wildfires, and flooding.


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June 1, 2022

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