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  International Spy Museum – Do your kids wonder about being a spy? The International Spy Museum is the perfect place to find out (are there more spies in Washington, DC than anywhere on earth ?).
    Kids can pick their cover and see how they do as a spy – discover tricks of the trade, try to break the codes, learn about bugging, disguises, microdots and secret inks, flashlight guns and lapel knives, surveillance, and the history of spies, including women spies, spies in World II against the Nazis, and after that, Berlin and Cold War with the Russians.
      The Spy Museum is great for older kids and teens.
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Bureau of Engraving & Printing – Take a forty minute tour to see where the U.S. dollars are printed, starting with blank paper, and ending up with real money! Watch bank notes as they're printed, and check out shredded money (200+ notes make an inch of shredded money). This is a big hit with kids, and tours are free. Tours are given on weekdays only.

      Tip: From March through August, tickets are required, available on the same-day, first-come-first-serve basis, starting at 8:00am (14th St. entrance). Get there early (even before 8:00am) on the day you want to visit. One person can pick up four tickets (families of five or more will need two people to pick up tickets).
      Or, if you plan in advance, contact your Congressional representative to arrange tickets to tour the Bureau of Engraving & Printing.
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The Real Spy's Guide to Becoming a Real Spy kids international spy museum washington dc  
The Real Spy's Guide to Becoming a Spy
Peter Earnest, Suzanne Harper

This is the perfect book to read before you visit the International Spy Museum, written by the director of the museum, and a spy for thirty years. What a spy's life really like, plus spy speak, quizzes and practice your skills. (Chapter book)


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