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Utah's history begins with dinosaurs that roamed the state 500 million years ago. Prehistoric Fremont and Anasazi peoples carved petroglyphs in the rocks, which kids can see today. The state name comes from the Utes, "people in the mountains." A diverse landscape that challenged 19th century settlers traveling the Mormon Trail, Utah not only has the Great Salt Lake, but snow covered mountains, colorful deserts, mighty rivers, amazing rock formations, and natural stone bridges and arches.
    Northwest Golden Spike
Zion National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park
Arches National Park
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Sand to Stone and Back Again utah kids nature  

Gorgeous photographs and poetry capture the seasons of wind and rain, and amazing shapes, colors and textures of  sandstone – winding canyons, spires, hoodoos, caves, arches – everything you'll see in southern Utah. This is a gem! (Picture book)


Meet the Wild Southwest
Susan J. Tweit, Joyce Bergen

How do animals survive in the desert and why are there so many rocks and canyons? Geology, plants and animals, ancient peoples of the high desert plateau – awesome chasms, petroglyphs and pictographs, desert song birds, bighorn sheep, ravens, fairy shrimp, rock formations and more. An essential resource with detailed illustrations. (Illustrated chapter book)


childrens books utah Meet the Wild Southwest

Find out about Zion National Park – how the canyons were formed by water and wind, amazing rock formations, narrow river gorges, desert wildflowers, wildlife (bighorn sheep, falcons, lizards, desert tortoises, tiny snails), first peoples in the area, conservation and protecting the park. (Easy reader)


The Legend of Jimmy Spoon
Kristiana Gregory

Jimmy Spoon sneaks away from home in the new Mormon settlement of Salt Lake City to visit the village of two Shoshone Indian boys. Longing for a horse of own, Jimmy gets more than he expected - he lives with the Shoshone for a year, learning a whole new way of life. (Chapter book)


utah kids adventure The Legend of Jimmy Spoon
A is for Arches kids books utah a to z  
A is for Arches
Becky Hall, Katherine Larson

Utah from A to Z in fun facts and quick rhymes, with illustrations that capture its history and natural wonders. “L is for the Great Salt Lake. It’s saltier than all the rest. People float like corks there, and brine shrimp thrive the best.” (Picture book)


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