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Castilla y Leon

Centuries before Isabel, Queen of Castilla and Leon, married Fernando in 1469 and set the scene for a unified Spain, Castilla and Leon was famous for its universities, important medieval cities, Gothic cathedrals, and the resting place of El Cid. Kids will have a field day exploring the great walled cities in this region of Spain.
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Isabella of Castile kids books  
Isabella of Castile
Shirin Yim Bridges, Albert Nguyen

Isabella, queen of Spain's Golden Age, negotiated her marriage with Ferdinand, took the queenship of Castile for herself and was crowned the cathedral in Segovia, sponsored Columbus' voyage, started the Inquisition and united Spain. (Picture book)


Isabel Saves the Prince
Joan Holub, Nonna Aleshina

Life as a princess isn't always easy for Isabel, especially when she has to save her brother Alfonso from some sneaky noblemen trying to overthrow the king. (Easy reader)


Isabel Saves the Prince easy reader kids
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