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Philadelphia - Parkway Museums

    Philadelphia Museum of Art
philadelphia museum of art
    A world famous art museum, it's big, so allow plenty of time to explore with kids. Or better yet, come back the next day – museum ticket is good for two days.
    The museum has an impressive collection of Impressionist paintings – Van Gogh "Sunflowers," Degas "Little Dancer," portraits of children by Renoir, plus modern artworks by Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Mondrian.
      One of our favorite things about this museum are "rooms" – a Japanese ceremonial teahouse, Indian temple hall, Ming dynasty reception hall and Chinese scholar's study, Persian gateway, medieval cloister, grand salon of a French chateau.
      Don't miss the Arms and Armor gallery, chock full of beautiful Italian and German armor, Spanish and sultan's swords, spiffy helmets, horse armor, and armor for children.
Philadelphia Museum of Art Photo Album
    Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
      Start with the Dinosaur Hall, where kids can see a Tyrannosaurus-rex skeleton, Triceratops, and other huge Mesozoic dinosaurs. Check out dinosaur eggs, footprints, and the Fossil Prep Lab with people at work on the fossils. For little kids, in the Big Dig gallery, children can be their own paleontologists, digging for dinosaur fossils.
      Butterflies is a tropical garden, filled with butterflies from all over the world. Weekdays are presentations in the Live Animal Center, with many different kinds of animals, reptiles, birds.
      In the North American, African and Asian Halls, full-size dioramas show animals in their natural setting, e.g. moose and bison from North America, lion and zebra African animals, tiger, panda and yak from Asia.
    Franklin Institute
franklin institute
    An innovative science museum with a mirror maze of geometric shapes, explore a giant heart and your brain, hands on with electricity, climb aboard a steam engine, play with physics, check out a Wright Bros. Model B flyer and simulator, plus planetarium, IMAX theater and live science shows. Good for toddlers to teens.
    Swann Memorial Fountain
      At the beginning of the Parkway is Logan Square, and a large fountain (also called the Fountain of the Three Rivers). The three sculptural figures represent the Delaware, Schuylkill, and Wissahickon Rivers in the area. In warm weather, this is a fun place for kids to dabble their toes.
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A is for Art Museum
Katy Friedland, Marla K. Shoemaker

Before a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, this is an excellent introduction to artworks kids will see - Monet's waterlily pond, Chinese dog cage, Degas' Little Dancer, Van Gogh Sunflowers, tapestries, sculpture, quilts, armor, Japanese teahouse and more. (Picture book)


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