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The Netherlands

South Holland (Zuid Holland)

  The Hague (Den Haag)
  Keukenhof Gardens (Lisse) – The world's largest bulb garden is in full bloom from March to the end of May. It's an amazing 70 acre park, filled with flowers, streams, fountains, even a windmill. Don't worry if you miss the spring season, the Summer Garden (Zomerhof) is great for kids. Run around the gardens planted with flowers that bloom in summer. There's a playground, labyrinth, and animal pastures.
  Archeon (Alphen aan den Rijn) – This archaeological theme park has a faithful recreation of houses and lifestyles from Dutch history, from early Stone Age through the Middle Ages. What’s fun about this park is that the park personnel are versed in the craft and lore of each era (and all speak English). We watched a blacksmith hammering an iron ring, a woman cooking Roman delicacies over a smoking brazier, a Stone Age denizen dressed in skins and furs making primitive tools. At the entrance to the park, stop to climb up the log watch tower.
Kinderdijk (near Rotterdam) – If you want to see windmills, this is the place. In the 18th century, 19 windmills were built to drain the land (below sea level) and pump the water into the River Lek. April-Sept., tour the inside of a windmill, where you'll see all the gears and wheels and living quarters. Saturdays in July and August, the windmills are rigged with sails, and the arms turn round and round. For a view of the windmills from the water, take a boat trip.
kids books
Katje, the Windmill Cat  
Katje, the Windmill Cat
Gretchen Woelfle, Nicola Bayley

When a dike breaks, Katja the cat saves a baby, tossed about in her cradle in the swirling flood. Illustrations so real and warm, you can almost hear the wind pushing the great arms of the windmill. Based on a true story, the Kinderdijk is named to celebrate the baby that survived the flood in 1421. (Picture book)


The Boy Who Held Back the Sea
Thomas Locker, Lenny Hort

Naughty young Jan plays hooky for the day, but discovers a small leak in the dike. While the rest of the town sleeps, Jan spends the night with his hand in the dike to prevent a flood. Luminous illustrations, like old Dutch master paintings. (Picture book)


The Boy Who Held Back the Sea
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