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  Dolphinarium (Harderwijk) – The Dolphinarium park, in the lovely town of Harderwijk, is home to a wide variety of sea mammals and fish, including more than 25 dolphins. Kids love the huge touch pool with rays and sharks – the rays come up to be petted (or look for food), and kids can touch the small sharks too. Don't miss the dolphin show, and the walrus display, even enjoy lunch while watching these 1500 ton giants beneath the surface.
    Netherlands Open Air Museum (Arnhem) – Step into 250 years of Dutch life at the Netherlands Open Air Museum (Openluchtmuseum). Typical cottages, gabled houses, a windmill or two, raising bridges, gardens galore, historical workshops. It's most fun to walk around the park, but there's also a tram ride. Cheese making, ship building, paper making demonstrations. The Open Air Museum is open April – October.
  The Hoge Veluwe National Park (near Arnhem) – The Hoge Veluwe National Park is miles and miles of forests, open fields, sandy hills, ponds, pastoral countryside, it's the biggest national park in the Netherlands. Use the free bicycles to ride around (there are some kids' bikes and bikes with seats for little ones). The visitor's center has a cafeteria, but bring a picnic.
      Kroller-Muller Museum – The museum, nestled in the park land, has some of your favorite Van Gogh paintings, plus paintings by Picasso, Seurat (all those little dots are fun for kids), and Mondrian (nice red, yellow, blue and black blocky paintings). There's also an outdoor sculpture garden with Rodin and contemporary artists – the sculpture isn't at all stuffy. Don't miss the black and white landscape of the Jardin d'Emaille, a great place to play.
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Color-filled biography of Vincent Van Gogh with pop-ups, lift the flap, 3-D sunflower, swirls of Starry Night, fold together furniture in his yellow house. Van Gogh is one of the most popular artists today, but he sold only one painting in his lifetime. (Pop-up book)



Read about the life of the Van Gogh – growing up in Holland, learning to paint, how he worked, and his paintings of swirly stars, his house, friends, and sunflowers. (Picture book)


Vincent Van Gogh: Sunflowers and Swirly Stars amsterdam artist kids
Vincent's Colors - kids books The Netherlands  
Vincent's Colors
Vincent van Gogh, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Vincent van Gogh's own words are paired with his paintings – violet irises, pink sky, green shutter, blue and white vase, "a yellow sky with yellow sun" – it truly makes the paintings come alive. (Picture book)


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