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Montana spreads from the Rocky Mountains in the west to the plains and badlands in the east, where the first T. rex fossils were found. Giant herds of buffalo grazed on the grasslands, Lewis & Clark spent days exploring the Missouri River, and Sitting Bull wiped out Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Traveling through Montana, kids may catch a glimpse of bighorn sheep, mountain goats, bison, moose, eagles and elk in their native habitats.
    Glacier National Park
    Northwest Montana
    West Yellowstone
    Tip: The Empire Builder train (Chicago to Seattle or Portland) runs through Montana, with stops at Glacier National Park. We had a wonderful time riding the train amidst wide open spaces in Montana, places with no cars or roads. For more about the Empire Builder and riding Amtrak: See America by Train: Tips for a great ride
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montana childrens books Dust Devil  
Dust Devil
Anne Isaacs, Paul O. Zelinsky

A tall tale that's as big as Montana, Angel re-arranges mountains, wrestles a storm to the ground, and tames the white horse at its center, Dust Devil. When Backward Bart and his desperados come to town, flying on gigantic mosquitoes, Angel knows just how to put the bandits behind bars. Irresistible illustrations, this is a gem! (Picture book)


Buffalo Woman
Paul Goble

A hunter marries a beautiful young woman and has a son, but soon she must return to her people, the Buffalo Nation. A spirited story with fabulous illustrations, and glowing reminder of the Native Americans and buffalo that once roamed the lands of Montana. (Picture book)


Buffalo Woman kids native americans montana
Buffalo Song montana kids native americans  
Buffalo Song
Joseph Bruchac, Bill Farnsworth

Inspiring story of Walking Coyote who worked to save the buffalo from extinction in Montana. It all started with one little orphaned buffalo calf. Beautifully illustrated, like roaming the hills with these majestic creatures. (Picture book)


Counting Coup
Joseph Medicine Crow

A contemporary story of Joseph Medicine Crow. Trained as a warrior by his grandfather, Joseph heard all the stories of Little Bighorn growing up, fought in World War II, and returned to his home in Montana, a chief of the Crow people. (Chapter book)


montana kids biography native americans Counting Coup
Remember Little Bighorn kids montana  
Remember Little Bighorn
John A. Doerner, Paul Robert Walker

Events leading up to the Battle of Little Bighorn, details of the battle, eyewitness accounts of Indians (including 13 year old Black Elk), soldiers and scouts who made history that day. Super historical illustrations with paintings, documents, maps, photos. (Illustrated chapter book)


How We Crossed the West
Rosalyn Schanzer

Excellent overview of the Corps of Discovery expedition to search for a river route across the United States. In 1804, the expedition started up the Missouri River, and in November 1805, they successfully navigated down the Columbia River and reached the Pacific Ocean. Action-filled illustrations, in Lewis and Clark’s own words. (Picture book)


How We Crossed the West - kids Lewis and Clark montana
Lewis and Clark for Kids montana  

Illustrated history and timeline of the Lewis and Clark expedition, plus 21 activities – stitch a pair of moccasins, make a buffalo mask, drum or dance rattle, recipe for dried fruit, set up a tipi, hoop and pole game, learn sign language and trail signs, and more. Good for older kids. (Chapter book, illustrations)



Go with Montana paleontologist Jack Horner on a dinosaur dig – find out how fossils are formed, how paleontologists find dinosaur skeletons, dinosaurs that roamed Montana, and important discoveries. (Illustrated chapter book)


Digging Up Dinosaurs montana kids
What I Saw in Glacier
Ellen Horowitz, Christopher Cauble

Kid's guide to wildlife, glaciers, lakes, hikes, flowers, trees in Glacier National Park. Info and photos about mountain goats, bighorn sheep, deer, moose, beavers, marmots, bald eagles, and where to locate the wildlife - very handy. (Picture - Activity book)


M is for Montana
Gayle Corbett Shirley, Constance Rummel Bergum

Gorgeously illustrated alphabet of Montana, and fun facts about the people, places and wildlife. Both the author and illustrator live in Montana with their families, and the book is full of hidden treasures, perfect to read before your trip. (Picture book)


M is for Montana kids books
childrens books B is for Big Sky Country montana  
B is for Big Sky Country
Sneed B. Collard III, Joanna Yardley

Montana from A to Z in quick rhymes and fun facts, with illustrations that capture the wide open spaces. “G belongs to Glacier, the most stunning park of all. Where wolves and bighorns wander, and bear grass blooms so tall.” (Picture book)


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