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Dome of the Rock
Jerusalem is called "The City of Gold" and at sunset you’ll find out why. Plan to be on high ground at sunset (maybe an outdoor patio restaurant) and watch as the golden desert light does a magical transformation on the city, bathing everything from the skyline to the wailing wall, turning the Dome of the Rock into a golden globe in the night. Traveling around Jerusalem with kids, everyone in the family will experience a unique perspective.
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West Jerusalem


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The Golden City kids history jerusalem  

Luminous pastel illustrations bring to life the long history of this amazing city, from the founding of Jerusalem by King David, to Solomon's great temple, the Roman city and crucifixion of Jesus, prophet Muhammad's ascent to heaven, Christian knights and Muslim rule, to the present day capital of Israel. (Picture book)


Alexandra's Scroll
Miriam Chaikin, Stephen Fieser

Absorbing novel of the first Hanukkah, Alexandra lives in Jerusalem, under the rule of the Syrian Greeks. After Alexandra's family is exiled, her father joins the freedom fighters, the Maccabees. When Jerusalem is retaken, there is only enough holy oil for one night, but it burns for eight days. Captivating illustrations bring ancient Israel to life. (Illustrated chapter book)


Alexandra's Scroll jerusalem kids hanukkah
The Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls  
The Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Hagit Allon, Lena Zehavi, Yossi Abolafia

Before you visit the Shrine of the Book in the Israel Museum, find out about the Dead Sea Scrolls, genuine fragments the Bible written on parchment scrolls 2,000 years ago – how the scrolls were discovered, who wrote the books, daily life in the desert community, how archaeologists and scholars have put together all the pieces. (Chapter book, illustrations)


The Temple at Jerusalem
Jacqueline Morley, John James

Story of the great Temple in Jerusalem – Solomon builds a richly decorated temple to hold the Ark of the Covenant, the Temple is destroyed by the Babylonians, rebuilt but looted by the Syrian Greeks, the Romans burn the Temple to the ground, leaving only the Western Wall, which can be seen today. Excellent reconstruction illustrations.
(Picture book)


The Temple at Jerusalem - kids books Jerusalem
jerusalem childrens books Saladin  

Get the scoop on Saladin, the Muslim commander who re-captured Jerusalem in 1187, and clashed with Richard the Lionheart's army, but held the city. Wonderfully rich and detailed illustrations, like Islamic miniaturist paintings. (Chapter book)


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