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The Peloponnese

The Peloponnese, rich in myth and history, is named for the hero Pelops (who wins a chariot race and a kingdom in the bargain). In the epic poem, The Iliad, Paris steals Helen from Menelaus, king of Sparta, starting the Trojan War. Traveling the Peleponnese with kids, ancient sites abound – will it be Mycenae, heart of Mycenean civilization, or Olympia, site of the Olympic Games, or Corinth, an ancient Greek and Roman city? Take time to also enjoy the lovely landscape today, filled with olive trees, fruit orchards, goats grazing on the hillsides, rocky river gorges, sparkling seaside villages.
    Mystra and Sparta
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Black Ships Before Troy
Rosemary Sutcliff

Action-packed retelling of The Iliad, the Trojan war saga, filled with larger than life heroes – arrogant Agamemnon, sulky Achilles, doomed Hector, sorrowful Priam, golden boy Paris, crafty Odysseus, Penthesilea, queen of the Amazons. Spectacular illustrations, it's like you're standing at the gates of Troy. (Chapter book)


The Trojan Horse
Emily Little, Michael Eagle

Easy to read story of The Iliad – why the Greeks go to war with Troy, fighting for ten long years, the trick to get inside the city, and destruction of Troy. (Easy reader)


The Trojan Horse
Adele Geras

Captivating novel of two sisters, Xanthe and Marpessa, inside the city at the end the Trojan War. Aphrodite and Eros cause the sisters to fall in love with the same guy, set against the fierce fighting on the plains of Troy. (Chapter book)


Adele Geras

The Trojan War is long over, but Odysseus has yet to return home, and his wife Penelope waits and wonders, weaving his life into pictures on her loom. Fascinating novel of Odysseus' homecoming, told from a young girl's point of view. A great read for teens. (Chapter book)


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