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Finland isn't at the North Pole nor is it always covered in snow, but there are plenty of reindeer and it has a wonderful tradition of wooden toys, so maybe Santa Claus keeps a workshop in Finland. It's a sparsely populated country and you'll find it easy to explore the many lakes and forests. Traveling through Finland in summer, kids will enjoy long, long days that never end – the nights never really get dark.
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The Moomins, created by Finnish author Tove Jansson, are a whimsical bunch – Moominmamma, Moominpappa, and Moomintroll, and their friends Snufkin and the Snork Maiden. When spring comes to Moomin Valley, Moomintroll finds a hobgoblin's hat that changes eggshells into soft clouds, perfect for a game of bumper clouds. (Chapter book, illustrations)

Read more delightful Moomin adventures: Tales from Moominvalley, Moonminsummer Madness and Comet in Moominland.


Moominpappa at Sea
Tove Jansson

The Moomins go off to a lighthouse on an island in the Gulf of Finland. This is no ordinary island – Moomintroll talks to the sparkling sea-horses, Moominmamma disappears into her painted garden, when storms lash the island, the trees pull up their roots and go. Our favorite Moomin story! (Chapter book, illustrations)


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kids native people finland Far North  
Far North
Jan Reynolds

Visit the Sami people who live in the far north of Finland, where they follow the herds of reindeer to mountain pastures in summer and lowlands in the winter, tell stories around the fire, and celebrate the arrival of spring with games and reindeer races. (Picture book)


The Princess Mouse
Aaron Shepard, Leonid Gore

Charming retelling of a traditional Finland folk tale of two sons, who must choose a bride. While searching in the forest, Mikko finds a tiny mouse. She has the softest velvet fur, and weaves the finest linen, so Mikko makes her his sweetheart. At the wedding, everyone is surprised, Mikko most of all, when the mouse becomes a princess. (Picture book)


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The Finnish Line kids fiction finland  
The Finnish Line
Linda Gerber

Maureen Clark thinks study abroad in Finland and training for the ski jump competition is a great way to escape her family – new food (reindeer sausage), new places (LumiLinna, a snow castle hotel), new sports (dog sledding, ice swimming), new language (Moikka!) and a cute ski jumper named Leevi. (Chapter book)


The Winter War
William Durban

On the eve of World War II, when the Russians invaded Finland, the Finns fought back, everyone helped, even school kids. Gripping adventure in the midst of whiteout winter, as young Marko skis through the war zone to deliver messages, and stay alive. Good for older kids. (Chapter book)


adventure kids finland The Winter War
Finland country facts kids  
Donald B. Lemke

Fun facts about Finland today – school, sports, holidays, foods, arts and music, government, transportation, geography. (Picture book)


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