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Traveling in England with kids, London is a teeming, exciting city with tons of things to do, but the English countryside is not to be missed. On holiday you'll find plenty of castles, Roman ruins, Neolithic standing stones, great places to walk on the moors, boat on the canals, scramble on rocky coastlines, or just amble through peacefull rolling hills.

  Kent – Canterbury
    East Sussex – Hastings
    West Sussex
    Hampshire – Portsmouth
    Wiltshire – Stonehenge
    Dorset – Maiden Castle
  Somerset – Bath, Glastonbury Tor

Devon – Plymouth, Dartmoor


Heart of England – Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon

  East Anglia – Cambridge, Norfolk
  Yorkshire – York
  Durham and Northumberland
    Lake District
    Tip: Read Ride the Hogwarts Express where to see Harry Potter sites while traveling around England (and Scotland).
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England is wonderful destination for families, but there's such a wealth of sites to see, it's hard to choose. Whether it's a staying in a real castle, seeing Manchester United or Arsenal play a soccer game, hiking in the Cotswolds or Yorkshire Dales, visiting Harry Potter film studios, this tour company will arrange an unforgettable trip for your family:

    Quivertree Family Expeditions
kids books england
britfield and the lost crown  

An exciting adventure that will take you through England. Tom and Sarah escape from an orphanage in Yorkshire to embark on a quest to find his parents, from Oxford to Windsor Castle and all around London. History, mystery, famous sites, British culture - perfect for traveling in England from home. (Chapter book)


London City Trails
Lonely Planet Kids

Nineteen different wild and wacky trails through London (but some you can't follow, unless with a jet pack or access to Bank of England vault) – glittering treasure, wild animals, mysteries and legends, surprising food, secret rivers, noisiest spots, unusual fashion, monster tales, and more. (Illustrated chapter book)


london city trails
england kids  king Arthur of Albion  
Arthur of Albion
John Matthews, Pavel Tatarnikov

"A king shall come who shall rule over these lands, and his name shall be Arthur." All the magical stories of King Arthur, Camelot and the Round Table, Merlin the wise, adventures of the knights, and the realm of Albion, the name for England in the mists of time. Enchanting illustrations! (Illustrated chapter book)


The Secret Garden
Frances Hodgson Burnett

Beautifully illustrated retelling of a beloved classic, Mary is sent to live in a gloomy manor in northern England, but Mary and her friends Dickon and Colin bring a neglected garden back to life. (Picture book)


Good Queen Bess biography queen elizabeth I kids  
Good Queen Bess
Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema

Timeless story of Queen Elizabeth I – her education by university scholars, house arrest in the Tower of London, decisive leadership and unfolding of Elizabethan Age. Richly illustrated. (Picture book)

Also, chapter book Who Was Queen Elizabeth?


Pop-Up Shakespeare
Jennie Maizel, The Reduced Shakespeare Co., Reed Martin, Austin Tichenor

Lift the flap and pop-up summaries of all Shakespeare's plays – comedies, histories, romances, best quotes, jokes, poems, fascinating facts about Shakespeare's life and work. (Pop-up book)


Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave mystery kids stratford-upon-avon

Searching for a lost family treasure in this mystery adventure, Colophon Letterford and her cousin Julian follow hidden clues to the Shakespeare Monument in Holy Trinity Church. Did Shakespeare leave a copy of Hamlet, written in his own hand? (Chapter book)


Ghost Knight
Cornelia Funke

In Salisbury Cathedral, Jon Whitcroft and his friend Ella Littlejohn summon the ghost of William Longspee, a knight of the Crusades, to help them fight revengeful Lord Stourton and four terrifying spirits. The family curse and centuries-old secrets take Jon and Ella on an exciting adventure through Salisbury, Stonehenge, and Lacock Abbey. (Illustrated chapter book)


Ghost Knight adventure history kids england
lizzie bennet's diary  
Lizzie Bennet's Diary
Marcia Williams

When Lizzie Bennet, heroine of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, is given a diary, she writes a story in her own words. Delightful retelling of a beloved classic, filled with fold-out notes, souvenirs, swatches of clothing, and sparkling little drawings on every page. (Illustrated chapter book)


Katie in London
James Mayhew

When Katie and her brother visit London, they meet a talking lion at Trafalgar Square. Climbing on his back, "Hold on tight," the lion whisks the children to see the sights in London. Fun for younger kids. (Picture book)


katie in london
a bear called paddington

You can't go to the Paddington train station in London, ride the escalators in the underground, or eat sticky cream and jam buns, without wondering if, you too, will run into that delightful "bear from Darkest Peru." This is a classic! (Chapter book)

Also, a picture book version, charmingly illustrated: Paddington


My First London Taxi
Marion Billet

“Stop the taxi! we want to see Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square. Stop the taxi! We want to look at the crown jewels in the Tower of London.” Take a tour around London, stopping to see famous sites, full two page spread and the book is shaped like a black taxi. (Board book)



Illustrated history of Stonehenge, where prehistoric peoples constructed this mysterious monument of giant stones over many centuries, and the latest exciting archaeological discoveries. (Chapter book)



The Tower of London holds a thousand years of history and secrets – not only a mighty fortress and infamous prison, it had a private zoo, was home to kings and queens, storehouse for armor and weapons, and treasury for the crown jewels. (Chapter book)


the tudors  

Meet Henry VIII and his six wives, dad Henry VII, children Edward, Mary and clever Elizabeth who becomes queen (and doesn't lose her head in the process). Delightful illustrations and entertaining history of the colorful Tudors. (Picture book)


Who Was Henry VIII?
Ellen Labrecque

Illustrated biography of Henry VIII, who liked to eat, drink, joust, and was fond of imprisoning and beheading people at the Tower of London – including his two wives Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, and two chief ministers, plus fun facts about this larger than life king of England. (Chapter book)


Who was Queen Victoria?
Jim Gigliotti, Max Hergenrother

Illustrated biography of Queen Victoria, who became queen at age eighteen, was the mother of nine children and the first monarch to live in Buckingham Palace, always wore black after her beloved Albert died, and presided over the great British Empire. (Chapter book)


The Story of Britain
Patrick Dillon, P.J. Lynch

Panoramic history of Britain (including England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland), two tiny islands that once ruled a worldwide empire, from the Middle Ages, through the Tudors, Stuarts, Victorians, up to the twentieth century. Good for older kids. (Illustrated chapter book)


The Story of Britain history england kids
follow me around united kingdom  

Fun facts about the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) – food (tips for tea), history, legend of King Arthur, traditions, capital cities, inventions, holidays and sports, sports. (Picture book)


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