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Felucca on the Nile
Imagine being ten years old, exploring inside the pyramids, seeing real mummies or floating down the Nile! Traveling around Luxor, here's what one of my kids said, " Karnak was a jumble of things, reliefs, pictures, statues and columns. It is hard to say which is my favorite, but I think it's the giant pink granite scarab beetle by the sacred lake." Egypt is fascinating for children and perfect for those school reports about ancient Egypt.
    Giza, Saqqara, Dashur – Pyramids
    Luxor – Valley of the Kings



You can return from Egypt with your bags loaded with stone goodies – alabaster eggs, small pyramids, carved stone cats, miniature canopic jars and obelisks, scarabs galore. Gold and silver jewelry for kids is fun too. Buy T-shirts with your child’s name embroidered in hieroglyphics.

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Fascinating and comprehensive fun facts about ancient Egypt – mythical gods and goddesses, style, beauty and jewelry, celebrations, making mummies, female rulers, food, weapons and war, amazing finds, lost cities, and more. Tip: Find out how Egyptian dentists filled cavities. (Chapter book, tons of photographs)


Who Was King Tut?
Roberta Edwards, True Kelley

Illustrated biography of King Tutankhamun, growing up as prince in ancient Egypt, plus mummy-making and historic tomb discovery by Howard Carter. (Chapter book)


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Emily Sands

Join Emily Sands' expedition to find the lost tomb of Osiris. A jeweled amulet glows on the cover, inside the book, there are fold-out maps, postcards, drawings and photographs, ticket stubs, mummy cloth, a scrap of papyrus. "The pyramids reminded me of all I came to Egypt to discover – the dusty tombs, the ornate temples, the golden treasures." (Activity book)



Nine stories of adventure and mystery, myths of Ra, the first pharaoh of Egypt, Isis and the cobra, Horus the Avenger, Thutmose and the sphinx, Hatshepsut, Tutankamen, and more. Delightful illustrations, this is a gem! (Picture book)


Ancient Egypt: Tales of Gods and Pharaohs
where are the great pyramids  
Where Are the Great Pyramids?
Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler

Illustrated history of the world's oldest and largest buildings – the pyramids at Saqqara and Giza, how the pyramids were built, preserving the pharaoh for the afterlife, new discoveries about the pyramids. (Chapter book)


Egyptian Diary: The Journal of Nakht
Richard Platt, David Parkins

1464 BC. Nakht, studying to be a scribe, keeps a journal of his adventures in Memphis, site of the great tomb pyramids. Along with a hippo hunt, visiting Giza, meeting Hatshepsut, Nakht and his sister discover a tomb robbery in progress. Wonderful illustrations and historical details. (Chapter book)


egyptian diary journal of nakht
The Pharoah's Secret adventure kids Luxor egypt
The Pharaoh's Secret
Marissa Moss

Travel with Talibah and her brother Adom to Luxor and step into a mystery surrounding the pharaoh Hatshepsut and her advisor Senenmut. Riddles, hieroglyphs, a villainous archaeologist, and the great monuments of Deir El Bahri and temple of Karnak, this is the next best thing to a trip to Egypt. (Chapter book)



Explore ancient Egypt – history, treasure, war, gods, pyramids, daily life and the afterlife. Over 100 photos of mummies, statues of pharaohs, clothing, jewelry, tomb reliefs, and detailed reconstruction drawings. (Picture book)


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childrens books Cleopatra Queen of Egypt  
Cleopatra: Queen of Egypt
Clint Twist, Ian Andrew

Like a long lost scrapbook, step into the life and times of Cleopatra, one the most famous women in history. Inside are maps, fictional diary, artifacts, tomb paintings, mosaics, jewelry and hairstyles, colorful paintings and portraits of key figures. Good for older kids. (Activity book)


Diane Stanley, Peter Vennema

Illustrated biography of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, her fight for the throne, romance with Julius Caesar, building an empire, life in Alexandria with Mark Antony, and death by poison. Richly illustrated. (Picture book)

Also, fun fresh look at the teen queen, chapter book Cleopatra Rules!


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Follow Me Around Egypt
Wiley Blevins

Explore Egypt today with sister and brother Marwa and Hazem – family life, food, school, language, Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, history, stories, inventions, celebrations, religion, sports (soccer, camel racing), music. (Picture book)



Unfold Egypt, and take a take a trip from Abu Qir Bay, to Cairo, Valley of the Kings, Aswan Dam, passing by oases, crocodiles, camel markets, plus fun facts about each stop along the way. Cultural, historical and ancient wonders of Egypt in one fun book! (Picture book, fold-out pages).


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We're Sailing Down the Nile
Laurie Krebs and Anne Wilson

Climb aboard the river boat. A delightful introduction to Egypt today – shop at a souk in Aswan, picnic on an island in the Nile, visit an oasis, explore the museums in Cario, hike to the pyramids, plus life in ancient Egypt. Beautiful two page, colorful illustrations, and perfect for younger kids. (Picture book)


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