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Felucca on the Nile
Imagine being ten years old, exploring inside the pyramids, seeing real mummies or floating down the Nile! Traveling around Luxor, here's what one of my kids said, " Karnak was a jumble of things, reliefs, pictures, statues and columns. It is hard to say which is my favorite, but I think it's the giant pink granite scarab beetle by the sacred lake." Egypt is fascinating for children and perfect for those school reports about ancient Egypt.
    Giza, Saqqara, Dashur – Pyramids
    Luxor – Valley of the Kings



You can return from Egypt with your bags loaded with stone goodies – alabaster eggs, small pyramids, carved stone cats, miniature canopic jars and obelisks, scarabs galore. Gold and silver jewelry for kids is fun too. Buy T-shirts with your child’s name embroidered in hieroglyphics.

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1000 facts about ancient egypt  

Fascinating and comprehensive fun facts about ancient Egypt – mythical gods and goddesses, style, beauty and jewelry, celebrations, making mummies, female rulers, food, weapons and war, amazing finds, lost cities, and more. Tip: Find out how Egyptian dentists filled cavities. (Chapter book, tons of photographs)


Who Was King Tut?
Roberta Edwards, True Kelley

Illustrated biography of King Tutankhamun, growing up as prince in ancient Egypt, plus mummy-making and historic tomb discovery by Howard Carter. (Chapter book)


who was king tut
ancient egypt eyewitness  
Ancient Egypt (Eyewitness)

Pictorial overview the ancient Egypt, filled with real artifacts – daily life, famous pharaohs, royal court, mummies, afterlife, gods, pyramids, Valley of the Kings, temples, sacred rituals, hieroglyphs, tools, work, home life, foods, music and dance, games, clothes, jewelry, plus fascinating facts, timeline, museums to visit. (Picture book)



Nine stories of adventure and mystery, myths of Ra, the first pharaoh of Egypt, Isis and the cobra, Horus the Avenger, Thutmose and the sphinx, Hatshepsut, Tutankamen, and more. Delightful illustrations, this is a gem! (Picture book)


Ancient Egypt: Tales of Gods and Pharaohs
where are the great pyramids  
Where Are the Great Pyramids?
Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler

Illustrated history of the world's oldest and largest buildings – the pyramids at Saqqara and Giza, how the pyramids were built, preserving the pharaoh for the afterlife, new discoveries about the pyramids. (Chapter book)



Explore ancient Egypt – history, treasure, war, gods, pyramids, daily life and the afterlife. Over 100 photos of mummies, statues of pharaohs, clothing, jewelry, tomb reliefs, and detailed reconstruction drawings. (Picture book)


national geographic kids eveything ancient egypt
Cleopatra biography kids  
Diane Stanley, Peter Vennema

Illustrated biography of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, her fight for the throne, romance with Julius Caesar, building an empire, life in Alexandria with Mark Antony, and death by poison. Richly illustrated. (Picture book)

Also, fun fresh look at the teen queen, chapter book Cleopatra Rules!


Ra the Mighty: Cat Detective
A.B. Greenfield, Sarah Horne

Meet Ra, Pharaoh's Cat, and his sidekick Khepri, a smart scarab beetle. A priceless amulet has gone missing, and a servant girl has been falsely accused of stealing it. Pharaoh's Cat can go everywhere in the palace, so Ra and Khepri set out to solve the mystery, avoid getting eaten by a hungry leopard pet, all before suppertime. (Illustrated chapter book)

Tip: In the British Museum, see the Egyptian cat sculpture that inspired this delightful book!


ra the mighty cat detective
We're Sailing Down the Nile toddlers books egypt  
We're Sailing Down the Nile
Laurie Krebs and Anne Wilson

Climb aboard the river boat. A delightful introduction to Egypt today – shop at a souk in Aswan, picnic on an island in the Nile, visit an oasis, explore the museums in Cario, hike to the pyramids, plus life in ancient Egypt. Beautiful two page, colorful illustrations, and perfect for younger kids. (Picture book)


Living in ... Egypt
Chloe Perkins, Tom Woolley

Kids can read for themselves about Egypt, famous for its ancient monuments. Spend the day with Amira, meet her family in Cairo, go to school, find out about religion, languages, holidays, learn about the long history of Egypt, and eat typical Egyptian food. (Easy reader)


living in egypt
our world egypt  
Egypt (Our World)
Aya Khalil, Magda Azab

Spend a day in Egypt. Getting ready in the morning, warm pita and ful for breakfast, visiting Teita (Grandma) and Geddo (Grandpa), walking along the corniche, looking at colorful fishing boats, molokhiya and rice for dinner, kisses good night – Bahebek. (Board book)


The Night Before Eid
Aya Khalil, Rashim Kheiriyah

The night before Muslim holiday of Eid, a boy helps his Teita (Grandma) make a famous cookie - ka'ak. Teita and Mama remember past holidays singing songs and playing music with extended family. Everyone helps mix the dough, while sipping qamar al din (iced apricot juice). When the cookies are done, kitchen fills with aroma of vanilla, toasted sesame seeds, and sweet honey. (Picture book)

Recipe for ka'ak cookies, and info about celebrating Eid.


the night before eid
egyptian lullaby  
Egyptian Lullaby
Zeena M. Pliska, Hatem Aly

Auntie Fatma lives in Cairo, when she comes to visit, she makes sahlab, a warm sweet milk drink with nuts, raisins and coconut. Every night, Fatma sings a song about life in Cairo – boats on the river, muezzin calling people to prayer in morning, beeping buses and cars, vendor shouting "Sweet watermelons," children playing soccer in the street.

"My song will always be with you. Let our sounds of Egypt sing you to sleep."


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