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Shanghai is a great city for kids to explore, from the top of the pink Oriental Pearl TV Tower overlooking the skyline, to classical Chinese gardens and zig-zag bridges, to boats on the Huangpu River, there's always something new to see. You'll also find Shanghai is a crossroads – the largest port in China, the city is hopping with a unique blend of old and new, east and west, Europe and Asia, the latest high-tech innovations and oldest traditions.
  Maglev train – From Pudong Airport, everyone in the family will enjoy a ride the futuristic-looking Maglev train to the outskirts of Shanghai (Longyang Rd. Metro station). The ride won't take long, 30km in 8 min. Inside the train, look up to see how fast you're going (kilometers per hour). Kids will have first-hand experience for those middle school science projects on magnetic levitation trains. Train go every 20 min.
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Shanghai Messenger  
Shanghai Messenger
Andrea Cheng, Ed Young

A Chinese American girl takes a trip to Shanghai to visit her extended family for the first time – Auntie makes wontons, her cousin plays the accordion, an old lady tends her goldfish in the courtyard, Uncle paints on a paper fan, giving a little bit of China with his words. (Picture book)


Dragon of Seas (Century Quartet Book IV)
P.D. Baccalario

In the conclusion of an exciting fantasy adventure, four kids follow a maze of clues around Shanghai, from the ultral modern Jin Mao Tower in the Pudong district to an ancient teahouse in Yuyuan Gardens, finally reaching an underground reservoir beneath Century Park, and the Pearl of the Sea Dragon. (Chapter book)


Dragon of Seas (Century Quartet)
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