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With Travel for Kids selected family accommodations, all styles and price ranges, it's easy to find and book kid-friendly hotels or apartments online:

family hotels paris Paris family hotels washington dc Washington DC
family hotels london London family hotels new york city New York City
family hotels rome Rome family hotels boston Boston
family hotels venice Venice family hotels chicago Chicago
family hotels florence Florence family hotels san francisco San Francisco
family hotels barcelona Barcelona family hotels san diego San Diego
family hotels madrid Madrid family hotels anaheim Anaheim
family hotels zurich Zurich family hotels orlando Orlando
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travel for kids photo albums - see the world

See the world with photo albums on Travel for Kids - throughout the site, pictures of all our favorite places, famous landmarks, fun food and hidden treasures.

Montreal is a fun city to visit year round, and in winter, there's sleigh rides and "sugar shacks":

Montreal photo album

Travel for Kids is your family vacation and holiday travel guide full of fun things to do and places to go with kids.

We’ve found the hidden gems and the must sees, along with family tours to match your family’s travel style and budget. Plus you'll find useful travel tools, and book recommendations for kids to read before you go or during your travels.

Every family’s idea of the best vacation is different. We help plan your trip by providing choices, from camping holidays to big city weekends. Whether you're traveling to Europe, North America, South America, Asia or Africa, here's the information you need, along with practical advice, from people who know how make memories last a lifetime.

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Watch Travel for Kids video, Chinese New Year lion dance in San Francisco:

  see the world blog

See the World is the new blog by Travel for Kids. Even more info about fun places to go with kids, our signature children's books recommendations, helpful travel tips, family hotels, fun food and seasonal events.


Read our latest post "Saber-toothed Cats in Los Angeles"

  books for everywhere

You'll find loads of children's books for different destinations on Travel for Kids. Also, each month our staff also chooses a "book for everywhere," books that reach beyond borders.

Adventures in Cold Places
Lonely Planet Kids

Go on a worldwide adventure to the coldest places - Harbin China, Sahara Desert, Lake Baikal Russia, an ice hotel in Sweden, meet penguins in Antarctica, huskies in Alaska, mountain goats in Switzerland, with puzzles games, over 250 sticks, and 3D iceberg. Perfect for a road trip or airplane flight. (Activity book)

more books for everywhereMore books for everywhere
  travel for kids travel tips for family trips

Practical tips for family vacations: "Traveling with stuffed animals," don't leave home without them, "Tips for traveling with preschoolers," encourages parents with young kids to take long holidays, "Get those tickets to ride," family discounts on trains in Europe, "Baby's first flight," insider secrets for flying with infants, "Eating out with kids in Paris, "Packing for your trip"and more...

  Trip Planner - before you go

Planning trips with kids is easier than you think. Do some research, pick a kid-friendly itinerary and budget that works for your family – travel plans will fall into place. Here's what we use to arrange our family vacations:

  Tip: Here's our list of favorite travel apps we use for family trips - dictionaries so we can instantly translate the menu in a restaurant, maps, currency conversion, and more.
  currency pro app   night sky app   topo maps app  

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