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Child playing on the beach in Cornwall, England

Traveling in England with kids, London is a teeming, exciting city with tons of things to do, but the English countryside is not to be missed. On holiday you'll find plenty of castles, Roman ruins, Neolithic standing stones, great places to walk on the moors, boat on the canals, scramble on rocky coastlines, or just amble through peacefull rolling hills.

    Take the Hogwarts Express
  Kent – Canterbury
    East Sussex – Hastings
    West Sussex
    Hampshire – Portsmouth
    Wiltshire – Stonehenge
    Dorset – Maiden Castle
  Somerset – Bath, Glastonbury Tor

Devon – Plymouth, Dartmoor


Heart of England – Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Nottingham

  East Anglia – Cambridge, Norfolk
  Yorkshire – York
  Durham and Northumberland
    Lake District
kids books england
Peter Pan in Scarlet great britain childrens books fantasy
Peter Pan in Scarlet
Geraldine McCaughrean

Swashbuckling sequel to the original Peter Pan, Wendy and the Lost Boys return to Neverland to clean out the bad dreams. Once again on the Jolly Roger, a ghostly ship adrift, they find a map to Hook's treasure. Ravello, the Ravelling Man, is the key to the mystery, and Peter Pan will fight Captain Hook again. Filled with magic and adventure. (Chapter book)


Pop-Up London
Jennie Maizels

Follow the Thames River through 3-D London, look inside Buckingham Palace, spin the London Eye, raise the Tower Bridge, discover the Whispering Gallery, open the flap on the Underground, plus ghost stories and famous people. Imaginative and fun, a super introduction to London. (Pop-up book)


 Pop-Up London kids
London (Through Time) history kids  
London (Through Time)
Richard Platt, Manuela Cappon

Illustrated history of London, from Roman times when it was called Londinium, down through the Middle Ages, Shakespeare's London, to World War II and London today, one of the historic cities in the world. Super illustrations and cross-sections bring the city to life. (Picture book)


Saint George and the Dragon
Margaret Hodges, Trina Schart Hyman

Wonderful retelling of the story from Spenser's Faerie Queen, "in the days when monsters and giants and fairy folk lived in England." The Queen of the Fairies sends the Red Cross Knight on a quest to kill the fearsome dragon. Lovely old-world illustrations. (Picture book)


Saint George and the Dragon legend kids england
england kids  king Arthur of Albion  
Arthur of Albion
John Matthews, Pavel Tatarnikov

"A king shall come who shall rule over these lands, and his name shall be Arthur." All the magical stories of King Arthur, Camelot and the Round Table, Merlin the wise, adventures of the knights, and the realm of Albion, the name for England in the mists of time. Enchanting illustrations! (Illustrated chapter book)


Good Queen Bess
Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema

Timeless story of Elizabeth I – her education by university scholars, house arrest in the Tower of London, refusal to marry, love of drama and music, decisive leadership and unfolding of the Elizabethan Age. Richly illustrated. (Picture book)


Good Queen Bess biography queen elizabeth I kids
Day of Deliverance adventure kids england
Day of Deliverance
Johnny O'Brien

Jack and his friend Angus travel back in time to Elizabethan England, meet up with the playwright spy Christopher Marlowe, uncover a plot to assasinate Queen Elizabeth, and find themselves in the midst of the great Spanish Armada battle. (Chapter book)


Tower of the Five Orders
Deron R. Hicks

After solving the mystery of Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave, Colophon Letterford and her cousin Julian are off on another exciting adventure. An inscription on an ancient inkwell leads them to a Cambridge University, portrait of a playwright, coded message on a wooden ceiling in Oxford, to the sewers of London and a priceless treasure. (Chapter book)


Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow legend kids england  
Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow
Robert D. San Souci, E.B. Lewis

"Long ago in England, there lived a great archer named Robin Hood." Exciting retelling of Robin Hood and his merry men, as they enter an archery contest in disguise, and outsmart the Sheriff of Nottingham. Fabulous illustrations. (Picture book)



Imagine if Sherlock Holmes had a younger sister, and here she is, Enola Holmes, a spirited teenager, hot on the trail of Viscount Tewksbury, as well as her mother, who's also disappeared. Enola solves the ciphers, disguises herself as a widow and embarks on a London adventure. (Chapter book)

And don't miss her next mystery: The Case of the Left-Handed Lady


Ghost Knight adventure history kids england
Ghost Knight
Cornelia Funke

In Salisbury Cathedral, Jon Whitcroft and his friend Ella Littlejohn summon the ghost of William Longspee, a knight of the Crusades, to help them fight revengeful Lord Stourton and four terrifying spirits. The family curse and centuries-old secrets take Jon and Ella on an exciting adventure through Salisbury, Stonehenge, and Lacock Abbey. (Illustrated chapter book)


The Flint Heart
Katherine Paterson & John Paterson

Long ago on the moors, a wise man makes a flint charm, but it's so destructive it's buried deep on Dartmoor, until a farmer digs it up and is betwitched. His children consult the pixies to find way to destroy the Flint Heart once and for good. A fabulous fantasy with luminous illustrations! (Illustrated chapter book)


childrens books england The Flint Heart
lizzie bennet's diary  
Lizzie Bennet's Diary
Marcia Williams

When Lizzie Bennet, heroine of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, is given a diary, she writes a story in her own words. Delightful retelling of a beloved classic, filled with fold-out notes, souvenirs, swatches of clothing, and sparkling little drawings on every page. (Illustrated chapter book)


A Boy Called Dickens
Deborah Hopkinson, John Hendrix

A wonderful read about the boyhood of this best-loved writer – his workdays in a factory, visiting his family in debtors' prison, writing stories late at night in his attic room. Spectacular illustrations of Victorian London. (Picture book)


A Boy Called Dickens biography kids
adventure kids great britain Two Crafty Criminals

Things will never be the same with the New Cut Gang detectives (boys and girls) keeping watch in London, as they track down the crook who's passing counterfeit coins in the neighborhood and find who stole all the silver from the Gasworks. Original, funny adventures by Philip Pullman. (Chapter book)


Titus Rules!
Dick King-Smith, John Eastwood

Hilarious fictional adventures of Titus, a dog who lives in the royal palace (by Dick King-Smith, author of Babe: The Gallant Pig). Titus is Queen Elizabeth II's favorite corgi and he catches a palace burglar, sleeps on the Queen's bed and loves custard cream cookies. (Illustrated chapter book)


Titus Rules! dogs england kids
the queen's knickers  
The Queen's Knickers
Nicholas Allan

Delightful "official H.M. Knicker Guide" for all occasions – royal weddings, opening of Parliament, Christmas, horse riding, school visits. Our favorite, knickers decorated with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. (Picture book)

Also, by the same author, whimsical The Royal Nappy.



Bring this guide along on your trip to England – an up to date history of the British monarchy, with mini bios and events of each reign, stunning historical portraits of each king or queen. (Guidebook)


kings & queens of england and scotland
england childrens books B is for Big Ben  
B is for Big Ben
Pamela Duncan Edwards, Melanie Rose

England from A to Z in quick rhymes and fun facts – from Anglo Saxons, castles and cathedrals, famous people, Stonehenge, the Union Jack, to zero longitude. (Picture book)


The Story of Britain
Patrick Dillon, P.J. Lynch

Riveting panoramic history of Britain (including England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland), two tiny islands that once ruled a worldwide empire, from the Middle Ages, through the Tudors, Stuarts, Victorians, up to the twentieth century. Good for older kids. (Illustrated chapter book)


The Story of Britain history england kids
Not for Parents Great Britain  

Not a guidebook, this is filled with fascinating people, places and history of Great Britain – secret stones, British bulldogs and their royal owers, James Bond, fancy hats at Ascot, kids in the coal mines, tea mania, rugby rules, kings and queens galore. Lots of fun! (Illustrated chapter book).


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