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Canoeing on a lake
The word "Canada" is what the French explorer Jacques Cartier misheard of "Kanata," the word for "town" in the Iroquois language. The name stuck, and it's an image Canadians don't mind: their huge country, friendly as a town. Traveling with kids in Canada, it's a big place, so pick an area and get to know it.
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childrens books Wow Canada!  
Wow Canada!
Vivien Bowers

Take a family road trip across Canada to discover funny, amazing facts, historical and natural wonders, food and festivals about each province, coast to coast. Illustrated like a scrapbook with wacky postcards, photographs, and all kinds of souvenirs! (Chapter book)


Yikes, Vikings!
Frieda Wishinsky

Whisked back in time with a flying sled to 1001, Emily and Matt meet up with Leif Eriksson and the Vikings, sailing to Vinland (Newfoundland). Can the kids learn to like a diet of fish and berries, and living in a hut? (Easy reader)

And for more exciting Canadian Flyer Adventures: A Whale Tale, Danger, Dinosaurs!, Crazy for Gold, Beware, Pirates!, Pioneer Kids, All Aboard!, Lost in Snow, Stop that Stagecoach, Arctic Storm


Yikes, Vikings!  history kids canada
childrens books canada Under a Prairie Sky  
Under a Prairie Sky
Anne Laurel Carter, Alan and Lea Daniel

A boy, who's going to be a Mountie when he grows up, rides his horse on the prairie, looking for his little brother. "This is the land where giants ride and little brothers hide in wagonwheels, looking for buffalo heads." Gorgeous illustrations capture the wide open spaces. (Picture book)


The Intrepid Canadian Expedition
(Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures)
Jeff Brown

Flat Stanley's shape is perfect for snowboarding in British Columbia, but soon he finds himself parasailing above the Arctic, dogsledding to Calgary, and folded up like a maple leaf at a hockey game. (Easy reader)


kids canada Heartland: A Prairie Sampler  
Heartland: A Prairie Sampler
Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet, Yvette Moore

"We joke on the Prairies that if your dog runs away from home, you can stand in front of your window and watch him for three days." Experience the wonder of the Canadian Prairies – kids playing on hay bales, exploring prairie dog holes, baking Saskatoon pies. Marvelous, detailed paintings! (Chapter book)


Fog Magic
Julia L. Sauer

Greta always loved fog, but when the mists roll in, something magical happens she can walk into Blue Cove, a long-gone village over the mountain. A charming fantasy that conjures up bygone days in sea-faring towns of Nova Scotia. (Chapter book)


Secret of the Night Ponies

Two heartwarming stories of Newfoundland and the tight-knit communities that live on the rocky island storms and shipwrecks, daring rescues by a brave dog, wild ponies left on a deserted island, legends and lost treasure. (Chapter book)


The Broken Blade
William Durbin

Summer 1800. Hair-raising adventures of young Pierre La Page, who joins the voyageurs, paddling canoes from Montreal to Grand Portage, a trading post 2,400 miles away on Lake Superior.
(Chapter book)


canada kids klondike Gold Rush Fever  
Gold Rush Fever
Barbara Greenwood, Heather Collins

The Klondike, 1897. Two brothers head off to the Yukon to strike it rich, climbing over the treacherous Chilkoot Pass, and boating down the Yukon River to Dawson. Story is accompanied by historical photographs and activities to do make sourdough biscuits, tie knots to load a mule, play solitaire to ward off cabin fever. (Chapter book, illustrations)

And for another gold rush adventure: Jason's Gold


Far North
Will Hobbs

Gabe and Raymond, two teenage boys, are stranded in Northwest Territories with an old Dene elder, Johnny Raven. As winter sets in, Johnny teaches the boys to hunt moose, trap beaver, build snowshoes, and to stay alive. (Chapter book)


Polar Bear Puzzle  
Polar Bear Puzzle
Amanda Lumry, Laura Hurwitz

Riley and his cousin Alice travel to Hudson Bay, polar bear capital of the world, but the polar bears are in trouble – the ice hasn't frozen over so the polar bears can't hunt for seals, and they're very hungry. Super illustrations of all the Arctic animals. (Picture book)


The Inuksuk Book
Mary Wallace

In Arctic Canada, inuksuk stone structures are essential for survival (some inuksuk are thousands of years old). The piles of stones aid in navigation, show a good spot to hunt or fish, mark a food cache (visible in the snow). Gorgeous silk paintings illustrate each kind of inuksuk, plus historical photographs. (Chapter book)

And, here are step by step directions to build your own inuksuk at home, using stones at hand: Make Your Own Inuksuk


kids first nations native americans canada The Inuksuk Book
Crazy About Canada kids  
Crazy About Canada!
Vivien Bowers, Dianne Eastman

A treasure trove of things about Canada – fun answers to kids’ questions from all over the country. How much food does a moose eat? Does Canada have the biggest mosquitoes? Which Canadian school is closest to the North Pole? And lots more fascinating stuff. (Chapter book, illustrations)


ABC of Canada
Per-Henrik Gürth, Kim Bellefontaine

Canada from A to Z, “A is for Arctic, in the ice cold north …” beaver, Calgary Stampede, dogsled, geese, hockey, Jasper National Park, Niagara Falls, maple, salmon, Zamboni and more. Delightful illustrations and fun for younger kids. (Picture book)


ABC of Canada toddlers books
Canadian Railroad Trilogy  
Canadian Railroad Trilogy
Gordon Lightfoot, Ian Wallace

"There was a time in this fair land when the railroad did not run, when the wild majestic mountains stood alone against the sun." Classic song by Gordon Lightfoot is fabulously illustrated, capturing the sweeping landscape and people who built the railroad across Canada, from the sea to the sea. (Picture book)


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